What are the Fastest Growing Home Businesses?

home business ideas
Home business ideas
Many people dream of a career that allows them to work from home. Rather than setting an early alarm each morning, fighting through rush hour traffic or spending money on expensive business attire, a job from home mean flexibility and the freedom to control your own schedule. As the idea of working from home is so popular, there are countless people who try to turn the dream into a reality. However, many home business ultimately fail or don’t provide enough income to be considered successful ventures. Thankfully there are several home businesses that are growing quickly and offer plenty of opportunities to succeed from home.

Administrative Assistants

In recent years there has been a big jump in people who are able to work from home as administrative assistants. While in the past these employees have needed to the be the face of the company or work at the desk of their superior, that is no longer the case. As the internet makes the world smaller more and more companies are going virtual, requiring their staff members to log on from home rather than in an office. Administrative assistants working from home might draft documents, track correspondence or even electronically update the schedules of their boss all from the comfort of their home office.

Customer Service Representatives

It should come as no surprise that many companies outsource their customer service abroad to cut down on high overhead costs. However, one alternative that is becoming increasingly popular is to have customer service agents who are working from their own homes. This also reduces the overhead costs as only wages need to be paid. The number of customer service representatives working from home is expected to increase over the next few years, making it an ideal choice for employment in an unstable economy. Expect to work for one or even several companies at once, using a designated land line to answer incoming calls and help provide information and assistance to customers who are trying to place orders or make exchanges and returns.


In the past, in order to be a stay at home writer a person needed to have a successful career established already. Today, however, there are plenty of full time writers who work from home in a variety of different capacities. Technical writers are often in demand in order to write the most manuals and instructions that come with almost every common household appliance. As the internet expands, there are also many writers who work full time in order to create web content for various businesses, or even manage their social media networks to attract new customers and stay relevant.

It might seem obvious that working from home is an ideal way to earn a living. Rather than spending lots of money on commuting and expensive attire, it is possible to log into work from your home and never have to step foot in an office. With rapidly rising career opportunities for home businesses in the area of writing, customer service and administrative work, there are lots of potential options for every individual.

About the Author: Writer James Thomas has learned how to make money at home through usability testing of various websites online.

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