Top 10 Internet Marketing Tips for 2012

marketing tips 2012
Top marketing tips for 2012
With rapid growth in the economy it is very difficult to survive in the market if you do not possess the tactics of business marketing. The best way to get the maximum brand awareness for your business is through online marketing. Here are the top 10 online marketing tips that are suggested by almost all the online marketing agencies that will help you to boom your business:

1. Do Link Building in the Right Way:

This is the most significant part for online marketing; it is one of the off page optimisation techniques. Here the main focus is to get quality back links to your website. This will help you in getter a ranking on the first page of the search engine. Be careful, though – don’t over-optimize, or you’ll end up punished by the search engines.

2. Create FAQ Page:

The best way to get interacting with the customers is to have a frequently asked questions (FAQ) Page. Here you can answer all the questions that will help the customers to have a clear view about your products and services.

3. Build Brand Pages on Popular Social Media Sites:

having a brand page for the company has now become a necessity; it will not only get good awareness for your company but will generate traffic to your website. You can have brand pages created on Google plus and twitter.

4. Focus on Mobile Marketing:

With the ever improving technology, more than half of the searches will be performed through mobiles. Therefore you need to optimise your website for the mobile takeover; by doing so you can get attract all the mobile searches to your website.

5. Do Social Media Optimisation (SMO):

to get greater brand awareness for your site and to get maximum traffic to your website promoting your website on social networking sites is a crucial component.

6. Start a Blog:

Blogs have the capability of drawing valuable customers in for business. They depict all the important information related to your products and services that the readers might find interesting and will ultimately end up visiting your company website.

7. Write e-Books:

you can have an e-book offered by your company which will provide details regarding your company, its products and services etc.

8. Engage Customers via E-mail Communication:

You can also communicate with the existing customers of your company through e-mails and provide them all the latest updates of the company. If any new product or services are being launched then you can tell them about it.

9. Adopt QR codes:

Quick response codes is the latest strategy, here there are barcodes that will enable the user to scan their smartphone on your ad, then these codes will take them directly to your website.

10. Use Video Marketing:

Video publicity is the best way to attract the attention of the user as well as providing them with all the details of your product in an appealing manner. You can make an effective video that covers all the core features of your business and publish it over YouTube.

About the Author: Kate Ford is Tech writer from the UK. She is writing for Tech clients, including Online Marketing agencies. Catch her @thetechlegend on Twitter.